"Join the party"

I came to this genre by long arm of coincidence. Theatre in which I work has been staging both now and before not only operettas, but musicals as well.
In 70th  80th theatre was famous all over the country for first Russian musicals Marriage of Krechinsky, Trufaldino, Affair, Its hard to be a sergeant and others. It was a real hit in art with much-talked-of at those times directions by Vorobyev, music by Kolker, and numerous brilliant actors roles.

Thats why nowadays my theatre skillfully combines operetta and musical repertoire, and actors working in this theatre transfer experience of former times.
At the present moment theatre stages more contemporary musicals such as Chicago, in which I played part of Matron (Mama Morton), Oh, Dear Friend written on the music by Lebedev, directed by Rozovsky, in which I performed Rashel, Dreams about tango staged by Argentinean director Dolores de Amo and ballet master Daniel Lapadula, - I perform real Argentinean tango on music by  Piazzolla, - this is one more way, branch in music, different from all other genres, captivating by its vehemence, delight, and sadness.

Im glad that I can use my voice in many perspectives, colors, and itd be dishonest from my part to say that I dont revel in it.