Just understand me

The CD "Just understand me" you see here is an album of Russian Romance songs, we hope you will enjoy.
It contains many lyrical songs Viktoria made together with the important and famous russian encompianator, arrangeur, composer, pianist virtueus Misha Aptekman.Who worked together with many famous singer, actors in Russia.



Evening of romance on Italyanskaya, 13

 In Hall of famous grotto of Musical Comedy Theatre man can listen to performance-concert “In fateful hour”. 2005

Soloists: Victoria Pankratova and Alexander Murashko
Guitar: Yury Slavtzov and Yury Khomenko
Violin: Elena Tanikova
Piano: Igor Smirnov
DVD recording

Unniversary concert - 10 years in Big Concert Hall Oktyabrsky.

Holiday of romance "St.-Petersburg autumn", 19th of October 2007. Agency Russian music, project by Galina Kovzel. Romance Dark-cherry shawl (old romance) is performed by Victoria Pankratova, accompanied by Governor orchestra of St.-Petersburg (conductor  Stanislav Gorkovenko) and State Russian concert orchestra (conductor  Vladimir Popov).

"Tango forever"

"Tango forever" - program of Youth chamber orchestra (conductor  Andrey Alekseev). Concert program presents Argentinean melodies and tango. Soloists: Andrey Alekseev (bandoneón), Ylya Ioff (violin), Victoria Pankratova (vocal), Mikhail Lukonin (vocal), Natalia and Alexander Berezhnov (dance), Daria Nikolaeva (dance), Andrey Panferov (dance), Alexander Isaev (double-bass), Alexander Takmakovich (piano).
Victoria Pankratova performs three tangos: Milonga De La Anunciacion/Oblivion from tango opera María de Buenos Aires (music by by Ástor Piazzolla and libretto by Horacio Ferrer), Uno/One (music by Mariano Lopez, lyrics by Discépolo), "Balada para un loco"/Ballad for a Crazy One (music by by Ástor Piazzolla and lyrics by Horacio Ferrer)

Spring of romance

Spring of romance (recording of concert, 6th of May 2008), Big Concert Hall Oktyabrsky. Project by Galina Kovzel. Victoria Pankratova performs May Garden (music by E. Kazanovsky, lyrics by V. Sergeev), accompanied by variety (pop)-philharmonic orchestra (conductor  Andrey Medvedev)

Holiday of romance St.-Petersburg autumn, part 3

Holiday of romance St.-Petersburg autumn, part 3, Gala-concert, 17th of October 2008, Big Concert Hall Oktyabrsky
Victoria Pankratova performs Waltz for You (Music by M. Kazhlaev, lyrics by V. Dubrovin), accompanied by St.-Petersburg orchestra Rock-classics (conductor  Andrey Medvedev).
Eleven years running in Big Concert Hall Oktyabrsky are organized Gala-Concerts of Holiday of romance St.-Petersburg autumn which became a tradition for St.-Petersburg city. They attract a lot of lovers of Russian romance and lyrical song. They are called as holiday of soul. In accompaniment of variety (pop)-philharmonic orchestra popular artists of variety art, theatre and cinema, authors-performers, masters of genre of romance and laureates of St.-Petersburg competition Spring of romance are performing songs and romances.

Holiday of romance St.-Petersburg autumn.

Holiday of romance St.-Petersburg autumn. Gala-Concert on 22nd of October 2009 is devoted to Mikhail Aptekman. Big Concert Hall Oktybrsky
Victoria Pankratova performs Remembrance (music by A. Babadjanyan, lyrics by R. Rozhdestvensky), in accompaniment of variety (pop)-philharmonic orchestra (conductor  Andrey Medvedev).
On 22nd of October 2008 passed over outstanding concertmaster, musician-virtuoso, musical leader of orchestra, - Mikhail Aptekman. Its not possible to imagine separately St.-Petersburg romance and Mikhail Aptekman. When one speaks about romance, we hear his voice. When romance is heard, we hear the sounds of his piano. His outstanding mastery and talent of great artist-musician has interlaced with our life. Holiday of romance we devote to Mikhail Aptekman, symbolically the concert took place on 22nd of October 2009.

In honour of Mikhail Aptekman

Mikhail Yurievich Aptekman, or simply Misha Aptekman. The name of this brilliant concertmaster and virtuoso pianist had warmed the hearts of romance fans for more than three decades, and, no doubt, will make his mark in the history of Russian stage music. Grateful listeners will forever remember his versatile talents - the talent of a musician, pianist, arranger, improviser and teacher.

Viktoria Pankratova performans "Soorels' pair"(A Donayrov,A.Apuhtin),"Georgian romance"(M.Aptekman)