Katerina Tarakanova
Irina Parfenova
Mikhail Yurievich Aptekman

Mikhail Yurievich Aptekman, or simply Misha Aptekman. The name of this brilliant concertmaster and virtuoso pianist had warmed the hearts of romance fans for more than three decades, and, no doubt, will make his mark in the history of Russian stage music. Grateful listeners will forever remember his versatile talents - the talent of a musician, pianist, arranger, improviser and teacher.  

My best friend, mentor, colleague and teacher. Unfortunately he is no longer with us, but the knowledge that I received from him, the sense of music, ringtones, romance, filing of a musical material, I will carry with me always.I share all with him, we won the first and best award the Grand Prix "Spring Romance" and the first prize "Romansiada."

Murashko Aleksandr Aleksandrovich

Honored artist of Russia

He was born in Konovalovo of Makushinsky district of Kurganskaya oblast.

In 1975he graduated from Leningrad musical school named after N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov (department of actors of musical comedy, pedagogue L. Meisel). Being a student of the last year in 1974 made his debut in Leningrad theatre of Musical comedy in the part of Leon (“Paris life” by J. Offenbach) and also took part in new performances of the theatre. In 1975he was invited to the permanent work as vocal soloist. Actor has created around 60 parts of different theatrical characters:hero, simpleton and comic: Botan (“The age of love” by F. Hervé), Don Pomponio (“Donna Juanita” by F. Suppe), Mishka (“The Gipsy princess” by M. Kalman), Chugunov (“Turkey fate” by S. Banevich), President (“Not like others” by A. Petrov and A. Kalvarskiy). Nowadays in the repertoire of A. A. Murashko there are: Baron, Miksa and Parker (“Mister X”, “Silva” and “Bayadere” by I. Klaman), Bogdanovitch (“The merry widow” by F. Lehar), Yakov Petrovich (“We are from Odessa, Hi!” based on music by I. Dunaevsky), Larosh-Matie (“My dear friend!” by V. Lebedev), Bechei (“Baroness Lili” by I. Huszka), Vizier (“Kalif-Stork” by O. Petrova), Shnek (“The Bird seller” by C. Zeller), Fridrich Pankrautius ("Spring Parade" R. Stolz), Gontran ("Parisian Life" J. Offenbach), Lieutenant ("Gasparone" C. Millocker). From 1992 A. A. Murashko constantly works on Petersburg radio. He is an author and presenter of series of programs about classical operetta, about composers and masters of the genre, about work of the theatre of Musical comedy during the years of blockade of Leningrad, about new performances and leading actors of Saint-Petersburg theatre of Musical comedy. Now and thenhe has acted in various fims in episodic parts.

In 1994 A.A.Murashko was awarded with honorable title “Honored artist of Russia”.

Mikhail Lukonin

Lukonin Mikhail — the talented and already well recognized singer from St. Petersburg.

His first musical training he received at the Gorky School of Music in trombone and, while a third year student, He was invited by the orchestra for the Gorky Theater of Opera and Ballet. In 1985, Michael started at the Gorky State Conservatory. Glinka vocal department. Again in his third year he was invited to the same opera, but as a soloist of the opera. In 1992 Michael became a soloist with the St. Petersburg Theatre headed Yu. Aleksandrova "St. Petersburg Opera." During his time in the theaters Michael sang many operatic roles, including Onegin, Germon, Yeletsky, Silvio, Earl Orlovsky, and many others. Many music festivals and competitions, including the famous Festival of Gent in Belgium, where he sang Don Carlos ("The Stone Guest"   Dargomyzhsky) and President ("Feast or Famine" Ts. Kyui), Russian Festival of Andrei Petrov, St. Petersburg Competition "Spring Romance". Michael has travelled a lot with performances in Poland, Finland, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, etc. Michael Lukonin is also an excellent performer of Russian romances. The velvet baritone voice and soulful style of the presentations he is best suited for the implementation of a romance. The singer's voice is constantly heard on various radio stations and TV screens. Michael Lukonin is a regular participant at "holiday romance", held in   St. Petersburg.

At this time, Michael is singer of the St. Petersburg Musical Comedy Theatre, where he most recently made his debut in a beautiful piece,   Mr. X. He has eight CDs recorded, and he is always on the move to   participate in numerous festivals and concerts in St. Petersburg, Russian cities and abroad.

Michael is my best friend, a great singer and the godfather of my   daughter. We are constantly working in different areas of St. Petersburg, Finland, Holland. For 11 years we have worked in the theater of musical comedy.

Kazanovsky Evgeniy Fedorovich

Kazanovsky Evgeny race. May 20, 1937 in Leningrad.


He graduated in 1958 at the Institute of Military Conductors in Moscow 1970 Gorky Cons. of cells. composition of A. A. Nesterov. Military conductor — in 1958-1960 and since 1963 in Volgograd, in 1960—1963 in Grozny. Later, the head — artist. Song and Dance Ensemble of the Red Banner Pacific Fleet. Cit.: For soloists, chorus and symphony. opk. — Oratorio sing you, my Primorye (cl owls. Poets, 1976), for soloists, chorus and symphony. ork. — Poem to kneel, the descendants of (cl Goncharov, 1975) for choir and symphony. ork. — Cantata-poem Earth Far East (next Kashuk Yu, 1972), the poem Heroes of Stalingrad (cl V. Litvinov, 1972), for soloists and symphony. ork. — A series of sing and cry pieces (lyrics by A. Blok, 1972), for the symphony. ork. — Chechen-Ingush Holiday Overture (1962), Overture (1968), Suite (1969), Suite from the music for the play "Polka inside out" (1977)  for piano n. and the symphony. ork. — The Cuban Rhapsody (1961) for strings. opk. — Romance and Scherzo (1969), for the spirit. ork. — Four of the march (1962), Volgograd Overture (1969) Strings. Quartet (1969) for bassoon and piano n. — Three Pieces (1958) for piano n. — Prelude (1961, 2nd ed. 1967), for chorus — on the next cycle. F. Grubin (part 1974), Lake (cl I. Shklyarevskii, 1970), Capella (cl P. Markish, 1970), Summer (on the next. Old vagrants, 1970) He was a soldier (lyrics S. Orlov, 1970), Memory (cl A. Trostyanskiy, 1973), songs (over 100) music for the drama. performances, TV and radio shows, arr. drug. songs.

On my own I want to add that Eugene F. wonderful person and a wonderful songwriter, composer and melodist that supported infrequently and for us, singing people, it is very important.

With him we recorded a lot of his songs, these songs I have performed at various stages of St. Petersburg, including a scene BKZ. So, with his help I became acquainted with the poets and poetesses interesting world. In our word V. Sergeevoy eventually born of «cherry blossom», «Winter Forest», based on poems by the poet A. Veselovoy songs like «Return to Me», «Pavlovsky Park», «I dream about you», «Let the leaves whirl».

Samsonov Vladimir

He was born in Kishinev.

In 1991 graduated from Saint-Petersburg state conservatory named after N. A. Rimsky-Korsakov (class of solo singing, pedagogue S. R. Ryasantzev). Thenhe was improving his vocal skills with pedagogue Gromova. From 1991 till 1994he was a soloist of the opera troupe of Musical theatre of conservatory where performed parts of Eugene Onegin (“Eugene Onegin” by P. Tchaikovsky), Figaro (“The Barber of Seville” by G. Rossini), Aeneas (“Dido and Aeneas” by H. Purcell), Valentin (“Faust” by S. Guno), Don Giovanni in the opera of the same name by W. A. Mozart. In 1991he was invited in the company of Musical Comedy Theatre. On this stagehe has performed the following parts: Edwin, Mister X, Rajami and Dragomir (“Silva”, “Mister X”, “Bayader” and "Countess Maritza" by I. Kalman), Count Danilo (“The Merry Widow” by F. Lehar), Prologue and Silvio (“Pagliacci” by R. Leoncavallo), Florindo (“Truffaldino” by A. Kolker), Billy Flynn (“Chicago” by J. Kander), Nazony ("Gasparone" C. Millocker), Count Kutaysov ("The Bondmaid" N. Strelnikov). In 1995he took part in the production of the opera “The marriage of Figaro” by W. A. Mozart on the stage of Bolshoi theatre of Russia. He is laureate of International competition of opera singers named after Mario del Monaco (Italy, I prize and audience prize). His performing tours include: Germany, Luxemburg, France, Italy, Japan, USA.

In 2001 Vladimir Samsonov was awarded with the honorary title “Honored actor of Russia”.


Irina Zubareva

Irina Zubareva was born in Kirov in 1970.

After graduate of conductor-choral department of Kirov Academy of Arts (1989) and the State Academy of Culture, St. Petersburg (1994), she began to work as a pop-jazz singer.

Irina performed at various jazz venues in Russia and abroad with such famous musicians as: Miles Griffit, Alex Moraes,Andrei Kondakov, Sergei Tarusin, John Rodion, Nikolai Sizov, Maxim Nekrasov, Garij Bagdasarian, Alexander Butkeev, Julia Bamm and Silk Stocking Jazz project .

Dyet Helen Tanikovoy and Evgene Pashigorevoy Violin

The duet Helen Tanikovoy and Eugene  Pashigorevoy performance of classical music arranged for violin duet — occupation, it is equally fascinating for both amateurs and professionals. Originating in the 17th century as a textbook for beginning musicians, the art of violin duet ensembles became especially popular during the period of classicism, and many famous composers of that era wrote music for string duos: Vivaldi, Mozart, Haydn, Pleyel, Mostras,and others.

Tanikova Helen and Eugene Pashigoreva — professional musicians in their interests — classical chamber music, songs, popular music of the twentieth century and the folk music of Scandinavia. But, according to the girls themselves, the performance of classical music in this, quite rare today, the type of ensemble, gives them a special treat.

With Helen and Eugenia, and we often have worked at various concert venues in the city and for rubezhom.I Elena Tanikovoy and Eugenia Pashigorevoy have been made sovmestgy concert dedicated to romance «The fatal hour».


vocal ensemble "Palette"

St. Petersburg Ensemble "Palette" is the collective of 8 young musicians-amateurs.

In the present cast the ensemble has formed in 2004. Before ensemble creation all participants of ensemble sang in chorus of girls which was in educational school of a disctrict of the city.

Now girls study in different educational institutions of St. Petersburg; but all of them united by long-term friendship and love to a music. Age of casts from 20 till 40 years.

In the repertoire of the ensemble are the Russian and foreign classics, national songs, Romances (love-songs), sacred music, jazz.

In the repertoire of "Palette" there were such vocal programs, as: «the Town romance», «Songs about St. Petersburg», «the Christmas songs», Musical compositions of the West European and Russian composers.

The collective takes part in City activities, festivals.

Ensemble is the winner of festival in Kronstadt 2004 and 2005;  the Winner of city competition «We are the children of Petersburg» — 2007,  the Participant of the International festival «Musical spring — 2010», the Winner of international festival "Retro" 2011 in the nomination «Town romance» — 3 place.

Musical collective is the constant participant of musical salon evenings, lectures in library of a name of Anton Chekhov; ensemble is the active participant of musical activities in Great Novgorod, in Staraya Russa.

The leader of the ensemble "Palette" Natalia Kislitsyna, concertmaster — Lada Romanova
Ph. (812) 369-80-00;
an e-mail:

Julia Bamm

Bamm  Julia — St. Petersburg known jazz pianist. In recognition of A. Kondakova, Julia — "a talented musician, in the manner of the execution of which involve the clarity and logic of musical thought."

The repertoire Yu. Bamm — traditional and contemporary jazz, Latin music and original jazz version of the world hits.

Winner of jazz competitions, a member of several jazz festivals and has extensive experience in various musical groups.

Dmitry Kizhaev

 Dmitry Petrovich Kizhaev lives in Leningrad in 1948. He graduated from music school, the ten-year at the Conservatory. While studying in school, was fond of jazz. He studied the violin at first, but after a 3-year hiatus due to family circumstances (living abroad) was transferred to the theoretic composing department. After high school he entered the Leningrad Conservatory.

At the Conservatory, became interested in «the Beatles». Created a group "Sadko," in which he was playing lead guitar. Emphasis on instrumental music in the style of big beat. The ensemble has existed from 1966 until 1969. After graduating from the Conservatory he was in the orchestra of the Leningrad Music Hall. Served in the army there he was in a Song and Dance Ensemble of the Russian army. After the army he worked in Radio and Television Orchestra, the Leningrad Concert Orchestra under the direction of Anatoly Badhena. Everywhere he wrote the music, made arrangements. He was a founding member of the ensemble "Jazz Comfort" (1974). He worked with Maria Pakhomenko, Sergei Zakharov, Mahmoud Esambayev.

In the 90s, along with Gregory Kleymits, Anatoly Kalvarskaya played chamber jazz at prestigious hotels, for the old aristocracy. In 1997 Dmitri gave their instruments to resume live performances "Singing Guitars". When Anatoly Vasiliev is not able to join the ensemble, became lead guitarist "Singing Guitars". At the same time continuing to work in the orchestra of the Children's Musical Theater "Through the Looking Glass", working with orchestras, the St. Petersburg Philharmonic. Honored Artist of Russia (since 1999) at the end of 2003 Kizhaev stopped working with the "Singing Guitars".

With Dmitry Kizhaev we have worked and are working on different areas of St. Petersburg and abroad (Finland). Also with Dimitri we recorded a few songs Kalvarskaya Anatolia, based on poems by Nina Zagrebelny.

Ekaterina Alabina

Ekaterina Alabina — The mezzo-soprano.

Was born in Saratov.

Ekaterina Alabina 1979—1986 — Saratov, State Musical College. 1991 - 1997 - St. Petersburg State Conservatory after Rimsky-Korsakov's opera department. Professor I. Levando.

1993—1994 — The Work of Probation in High School Musical after F. List (Weimar). 1996, 2002 — Prize-Winner of International Musical Competitions. Since 2002 and in present time - The soloist of St. Petersburg Chamber Opera Theatre. Since 2006 — A Member of The Neva — Ensemble. Began her career at the State Academy of Music Saratov van1979 to 1986. From 1991 to 1997 she studied at the Rimsky-Korsakov Conservatory in S-Petersburg, where they are on the facultie of the opera under the tutelage of Professor Levande.In 1993, they, at the insistence of the conservatory on the part of the famous Franz Claas Master List Academy in Weimar. In 1998 started her active life concert with guest appearances and winning several muziekconcourses, then she started as a soloist of the Chamber Opera Theater In S-2006 Petersburg. From 2006 Ekaterina is a member of the Neva Ensemble.

With Ekaterina, I often worked in the St. Petersburg Theater of   Operetta, Musical theater, and worked often in  komedii.So, I sang with her at various concert venues in the country and abroad.


Swing Couture GYPSY JAZZ!

 SwingCouture — the first and so far the only group in Russia, ispolnyayuschayatsygansky jazz! Vibrant, passionate, fiery, intelligently naughty, they created their own distinctive musical style, based on two ethnic traditions: jazz tsyganskoyi. They wear ragged jeans tuxedos, take out the "White Sea" from the gold cigarette cases, hate the gloss removed for "PlayBoy". Their music on the radio television, and the first disk Swing Couture became the sales leader in the Russian section of jazz music. Here's what he said about the group Artem Troitsky, "Actually I'm not a fan of contemporary jazz. There is something boring contentedly. As Gorky said:" Jazz music is thick. "Do you really drugayaistoriya. You" music skinny " and I like it! "

Viktoria Yrysova

Victoria was born in St.Petersburg.

Having Finished music school she entered conductor and choral department of music college of Art but bent for jazz performance prevailed over all and she joined the third course of Mussorgsky college, class of Ariadna Karyagina. in 1998 she got the first prize as the best jazz singer in the competition among young performers and in 1999 she recorded an album with well-known russian musician David Goloshchekin When she graduated from the College, the class of variety jazz singing, she became a soloist in Jazz Philharmonic Hall and establish her own group and now they perform their program - Gentle Voice where Victoria sings songs of her own composing . at the same time Victoria teaches jazz singing. since 2003 Victoria has been a member of the international festival "Swing of White Nights" in 2004 she sang with the orchestra "Gennadiy Golshtein's saxophones". in 2006 she begins to travel abroad with her concerts on different european stages, in cooperation with musicians from Holland, Germany, Belgium etc. In 2010 Victoria recorded the first solo album where she performed her own compositions...

Anatoly Kalvarsky

Petersburg composer, pianist, Honored Artist.

Anatoly Kalvarsky — composer, pianist and bandleader. In 1956 he graduated from the Department of theoretical and compositional music school at the Leningrad Conservatory. First of all, became known as an ensemble pianist Orestes Kandata (1956-60) in 1960-62 and 1968-73 was the music director of the State Variety Orchestra of Azerbaijan. In 1966, led to the Leningrad orchestra "Metronome", which was recognized at the II Festival City (special award for best original song "In the field of birch stood"). In 1975-77 he was artistic director and conductor of the Symphonic Orchestra of the Leningrad radio and television. Later devoted himself entirely to composition (pop songs, music for theater.)

Anatoly Kalvarsky known as the author of music for films, theater and circus performances. His songs are performed by many famous artists. His professional service in the arts, he is always founded on a sense of dignity and natural musical taste. From a young age, these qualities were his artistic credo. In all post-Soviet territory jazz bands regularly performed vocal and instrumental works by Anatoly Kalvarskaya. In the seventies of the last century led to the Azerbaijan State Variety Orchestra. But they know it, and in many other countries. With fellow musicians, he traveled from west to east and from north to south, a lot of countries. Here's how to speak about it in the press: "The St. Petersburg composer, honored art in the music space, domestic art more than a name. This phenomenon, which is a brand, it's a phenomenal range of music, which is characterized by creative originality and indispensability. Instead, Anatoly Kalvarskaya can not be anyone but himself by Anatoly Kalvarskaya! "

With my highly respected composer, so to speak, "the last of mohicas" I was lucky enough to work. Together with poetessoy Ninoy Zagrebelny we worked on songs that are written Anatoly Kalvarsky, one of which was performed in the Concert Hall "October" at a gala concert "Spring Romance" is the song "Still I love." And I hope that we shall do together and I will do these wonderful lyrical, jazz songs in his concert.


Aleksander Trofimov

Was born in Leningrad.

When he was eleven he entered the studio organized by children musical theatre “Zazerkalie” where he participated in performances: “Ferdinant the Excellent” (Newspaper man), “Noahs Ark” (Cham), “Story of dwarf Yakoby and princess Mimi” (Yakob). After graduating from studio he entered the theatre faculty of Alexandrinsky Theatre (course of director S.A. Milyaeva). During studying he performed in following performances: “First ball of Cinderella”, “Under blue sky”, “Alexandria”, “Masquerade”. At the same time he was studying singing under leadership of I.L. Prosalovskaya. After end of studying he entered in theatre for children “Karambol” where he played roles in performances: “Tsharevna-lyagushka” (Ivan – Tsarevitch) , “Mary Poppings” (Mister Gud), “Sounds of Music” (Rolf), “Snow-white and seven dwarfs” (Prince).

In 2005 he became a laureate of International competition of vocalists named after I. Yuryeva (I prize). In May 2010 he became the laureate of International vocal competition n.a. F. Lehar in Slovakia (II prize). In May of 2006 he was invited in company of Musical Comedy Theatre. Today his repertoire includes following parts: Rossilyon (“The Merry Widow” F. Lehar), Saphir and Viscount Raoul de Gardefeu (“Bluebeard” and "Parisian Life" J. Offenbach), Radjami, Sandor and Cavalier (“Bayder”, “The Duchess from Chicago” and "Mister X" I. Kalman), Duke and Colin (“The Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and "The Secret Garden" S. Banevich), Prince (“The Magic Mirror” Y. Vzorov), Paul ("Viennese Meetings” J. Strauss), Skomorokh (“Levsha” V. Dmitriev), Adam and Stanislav (“The Bird Seller” C. Zeller), Villy Zedlmayer ("Spring Parade" R. Stolz), Benotzo ("Gasparone" K. Millocker), Andrey Tumansky ("The Bondmaid" N. Strelnikov).

Evgenia Gracheva

She was born in the family of medical officer.

In some years her farther was sent to work to Czech Republic, where E. N. Gracheva graduated from musical school, the piano class. When she came back she entered the Musical college and graduated from conducting department in 1986. And in 1989 she finished the course in the class of solo singing in the School of Arts in Rostov-on-Don. Then in 1996 she graduated from Conservatory of Saratov (department of actors of musical theatre, course of G. Bannikov, class of L. Zotov of solo singing). Then she worked on probation in Theatre of Opera and Ballet named after M. Dzalilia in Kazan, and also was studying on master classes by A. Shenderovich (Russia) and maestro V. La Skola (Italy).

She is a laureate of International competition of opera singers in Alkamo (Italy).

In the repertoire of the singer there are such opera parts as: Tatiana and Lisa (“Eugene Onegin” and “The Queen of Spades” by P. Tchaikovsky), Leonora (“The Troubadour” by G. Verdi); Musetta, Tosca and Cio-Cio San (“La bohème”, “Tosca” and “Madama Butterfly” by G. Puccini). Is working in the troupe of Theatre of Musical Comedy from 1996. During this time she has performed following parts: Silva and Theodora (“The Gipsy princess” and “Mister X” by I. Kalman): Hanna Glawari (“The Merry Widow” by F. Lehar); Nedda (“Pagliacci” by R. Leonkavallo); Tangolita and Madlen (“Ball in Savoya” by P. Abraham). Today her repertoire includes: Teodora and Manya ("Mister X" and "Countess Maritza" by I. Kalman), Juliette ("Parisian Life" by J. Offenbach).

Olga Lozovaya

Honored artist of Russia.

She was born in Engelsk of Sratovskaya oblast.

After secondary school in 1990 on competition she was taken to the troupe of Vologodsk theatre of Musical comedy. Then not long she studied in Leningrad Choreography college named after A.Y. Vaganova (pedagogue – N. Aleksandrova). In 1992 she entered Saratov state conservatory, the department of actors of musical theatre (course of G. Bannikov), and in 1994 moved to Tomsk musical theatre where played different parts: Dolly (“Frasquita” by F. Lehar), Adel (“The bat” by J. Strauss), Eliza (“My fair lady” by F. Loewe), Arsena (“The Gipsy baron” by J. Strauss), Zolushka (“Zolushka” by A. Spadavekkia), Violetta, Mary and Stasi (“The Violet of Monmartre”, “The Circus princess” and “Silva” by I. Kalman), Marinka (“Women’s revolt” by E. Ptichkin), Tonya (“Nunnery” by M. Samoylov) and others.

In 1999 she was taken on competition to Saint-Petersburg theatre of musical comedy and soon became one of the leading actresses. Nowadays in her repertoire there are: Isabella (“Meetings in Vienna” by J. Strauss), Stasi, Mabel Gibson, Marietta, Rosemarie and Liza (“Silva”, “Mister X”, “Bayadere”, “The Duchess from Chicago” and "Countess Maritza" by I. Kalman), Floretta and Metella (“Bluebeard” and "Parisian Life" by J. Offenbach), Mashka (“Levsha” by V. Dmitriev), Klotilda (“My dear friend!” by V. Lebedev), Olga Hromova (“The Merry Widow” by F. Lehar), Klarissa (“Baroness Lili” by I. Huszka), Roxie Hart (“Chicago” by J. Kander), Slepenbuh (“The Bird Seller” by C. Zeller), Belotta (“Madame Pompadour” by L. Fall), Miss Lane ("Kiss me, Kate" C. Porter).

Is a laureate of International competition named after Mikhail Vodyanoy in Odessa (I prize, 2004). In 2005 O.O. Lozovaya was awarded with honorary title “Honored artist of Russia”. In 2009 by Order of President of Russian Federation she was rewarded with Order Medal “For achievments to Native land” of II degree.

Viktor Krivonos

He was born in Lvov.

After graduation from the secondary school during one year was working in the factories: Lvovselmash and Lvov electrolmpovom. Then he moved to Leningrad and in 1970 graduated from State institute of theatre, music and cinematography (the first graduates’ class of the department of actors of musical comedy), pedagogue M.G. Dotlibov. In autumn 1968, before graduation from institute, he was taken to the troupe of Leningrad theatre of Musical comedy where worked until 1974 when he was invited as a soloist to VIA “Singing guitars”. In autumn he came back to the Theatre of Musical comedy. In 1980 he went to the Moscow theatre of operetta. But after two years again returned to Leningrad. In 1987 he was moved to Lenconcert as a vocal soloist where performed in the troupe of “Chamber opera” in the operas “Falcon” by D. Bortnyanskiy, “Rita” and “The Night Bell” by G. Donizetti, “Skewbald demon, running on the sea edge” by A. Smelkov. In 1994 actor combined work in the theatre with Petersburg-Concert. In 2002 he left work in Petersburg-Concert and returned to the theatre of Musical comedy. In the repertoire of V.A. Krivonos there around 60 parts in classical operettas, modern musical comedies and musicals. Among them there notable: Paris (“The Beautiful Helen” by J. Offenbach), Shamolatro (“Mamzelle Nitouche” by F. Hervé), Peter, Alfred and Genrih Eisenstein (“Meetings in Vienna” and “The Bat” by J. Strauss), Pygmalion (“The Beautiful Galatea” by F. Suppe), Camille de Rosillon and Count Danilo, Arman (“The merry widow” and “Frasquita” by F. Lehar), Raul (“The Violet of Montmartre” by I. Kalman), Tom Sawyer and Sergei (“Adventures of Tom Sawyer” and “Goodbye, Arbat” by S. Banevich), Sergei (“Ohta bridge” by V. Lebedev), Raspluev, He and Silvio (“Krechinckiy’s wedding”, “Garptica” and “Truffaldino” by A. Kolker), Larsonie (“Kidnapping of Yelena”, musical fantasy by E. Bulanova based on music of French cabaret singers), Goras (“Hello, Dolly!” by J. Herman), Gesten (“The ball in Savoya” by P. Abraham). Nowadays in the repertoire of the actor there are following parts: King Babaesh (“Bluebeard” by J. Offenbach), Duriban (“Meetings in Vienna” by J. Strauss), Ferry, Baron Frederiks and Parker (“Silva”, “Mister X” and “Bajadere” by I. Kalman), Platov (“Lefthander” by V. Dmitriev), Duke (“The Bird seller” by C. Zeller), Theatre principal ("Spring Parade" R. Stolz), Harrison Howell ("Kiss me, Kate! C. Porter). Besides creating stage characters actor did much in the popularization of the modern songs, making interpretations of new works of composers whose names are well-known: V. Soloviev-Sedoy, A. Petrov, G. Portnov, I. Tzvetkov, A. Magukov, Y. Dubravin, A. Morozov, A. Kolker, S. Banevich, S. Poglakov, V. Gavrilin, V. Uspensky, E. Kolmanovsky, V. Lebedev, S. Tulikov, E. Ptichkin, O. Feltzman, V. Shainsky, E. Zharkovsky, V. Migulia, A. Kalvarsky, A. Tchaikovsky, A. Gurbin and others. V.A. Krivonos was a participant of the song festivals “Song of the year”, presenter of the popular TV program “Wider circle”. On the radio actor constantly conducts two cycles of general education programs: “We met somewhere before” (about operetta and musical) and “Forgotten names — beautiful music” (about creatures of composers, ancestors of musical genre). Repeatedly performed in the theatres and on the stages of many cities of Russia. He was on tour abroad: in Japan, Germany, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Poland, Finland, Sweden, Yugoslavia, Cuba.

In 1979 V. A. Krivonos was awarded with honorary title “Honored artist of RSFSR”, and in 2005 — “National artist of Russia”.