"My heart"
For me opera is one of the greatest art forms in music. Opera incorporates variety of arts: poetry, music, direction, acting technique, chorus, ballet, art of costumes creation, orchestra and, finally, what is the most important for me, vocal skills.

Im absolutely sure that opera will live forever, because its just impossible not to be captivated by opera.

I adore Russian composers: N.A. Rimsky-Korsakov, A.S. Dargomyzhsky, M.I. Glinka, M.P. Mussorgsky, P.I. Tchaikovsky, S.V. Rachmaninoff.

Probably I have to mention Tchaikovsky particularly, may be because he was the first composer whose music I heard in childhood, or may be due the fact that he is the one, he is the composer in Russian music heritage who has special magnetism, and he in particular wrote such operas as Mazeppa, Eugeny Onegin, The Enchantress, The Queen of Spades, and all mentioned operas are among my repertoire  Maria, Tatiana, Kuma, Liza. Fortunately I have a chance to sing part of Tatiana in Eugeny Onegin in theatre of St.-Petersburg Conservatory, and I was enthralled by this opera to the innermost of my heart.

G. Verdi, G. Puccini, R. Wagner, W.A. Mozart are very congenial for me. I have a lyric-dramatic soprano, and for such voice its quite freely to sing their music. I was participating in production of Tosca G. Puccini that was staged in theatre of St.-Petersburg Conservatory as well, and I was really glad to take part  this opera, music, role cast a spell over you and stays with you for the whole life. Mozart is among classics, and Countess is my part.

So here it was the list of my parts which I have time to sing during my studies in Conservatory.

Im happy that I have chosen this profession, and Im happy that I can present my voice, part of my heart to people.