"Light genre of operetta"
I have been working in Musical Comedy Theatre for 11 years already. Probably I came to this genre not accidentally.

When I was a small girl I have seen lot of performances in this theatre which amazed me by its beauty and seeming easiness.

At that time I didnt think about opera and operetta, I was dreaming about ballet. Art of this theatre is a complex  vocal, drama skills, dance  and all has to be presented on the highest level. And I came to this genre easily  I just went on the auditions, and then I was invited, - it was before my studies in Conservatory and I was verdant in every respect. There were only inclinations.

Im very happy that as the fate has willed I got the job in this theatre, because here my talents have been revealed. People who surround me in this theatre were my first real teachers. And where  if not on the stage  its possible to realize and believe in your own possibilities of mutual understanding between audience and actress

My first leading part was Diana from operetta The Dog in the Manger based on the novel by Lope de Vega, music by Gladkov. Next one was Tangolita from operetta The Ball in Savoy P. Abrakham, and also Silvia from The Csardas Princess I. Kalman, Maritza I. Kalman.

Operetta is a wonderful music, vivid costumes; it is a holiday, captivating fireworks, happiness which seems to have no end. And I hope this fairytale will stay in my life forever.