Victoria Pankratova

 Was born in Saint-Petersburg (1974), Russia. Graduated Leningrads College of Music as choir conductor (1989 -1993) and St. Petersburgs University of Humanities (1993 -1997), where she studied music and culture.

Ms. Pankratova started her professional career in the Theatre of Musical comedy in Saint-Petersburg (1998), she already became a leading vocalist.
In 2008 she graduated the St.-Petersburg State Conservatory (class: opera singing, professor of Saint-Petersburg Conservatory, national actress, soloist of Mariinsky Theatre Sofia Jalosheva).

As an professional vocalist, she is the winner of the Highest Awards, among them: International music festival Coast of Hope (Bulgaria, 1998), Grand-Prix of the International Competition The Spring of Romantic Songs (Saint-Petersburg, 2002), First Place of International Vocal Competition Romanciada (Moscow, 2003), First Place of International Vocal Competition coold Isabella Jurjeva (Estland,Tallin, 2014)

In this year Ms. Pankratova took part in Master-classes of Elena Obraztsova, and was a student of Summer Vocal Studio in Italy (Rimini), in the class of Professor Pazolini and Maestro Carlo Pari.

Victoria is a lyric-drama soprano vocalist. In Theatre of Conservatory she sang such parties as: Tatyana (Eugeny Onegin Tchaikovsky) and Contessa (The Marriage of Figaro Mozart) and Tosca (Tosca Puchini).

In Theatre of Musical Comedy she sang such parties as: Tangolita (Ball in Savoy, Abrakham), Silva (Silvia Kalman), Gypsy (Countess Maritza Kalman), Diana (The Dog on a Hay Gladkov), Boulotte (Bluebeard Offenbach), Teodora (Mister X Kalman).

She was on tour in Germany, USA, Switzerland. In 2005 she had a long-term tour in USA with a show-program in different cities of USA. Every year she takes part in various concerts of: Saint-Petersburg Main Concert Hall, Moscow Column Hall, Moscow Concert-Hall Rossia. In 2004 - took part in prestigious Tushinsky Festival in Moscow, Pushkin Festival in Saint-Petersburg, and in Concours Festival in Albania, "Maria Craia"


Professor of Russian State Institute named after Gertzen,
National actor of Russia,
Laureate of National Award of USSR,
Soloist of Mariinsky Theatre and State Theatre of Musical comedy
Vladimir Samsonov

To my musical collegues,
the treasure seekers of opera talent,
this might be a good chance.

It's my honour of writing you some about one of my students,
a talented young woman, miss Viktoria Pankratova.
to come right to the point.
as we are surrounded by talent in this institute,
the exceptional we like to see at work,
if tension grows, and preparation is short.
the performance for audience of course, as final stage in development.
In this student this where such a lovely experience,
and fine learning moment.
This woman is such a delightful appearance when performing.
Her voice of quality and appealing.

This voice is like i think in opera we need.
Young people tend to miss the natural experience miss Viktoria Pankratova already shown to us. As well as miss Viktoria Pankratova also showed me great abillity to learn, be in awareness of what was handed to her.

This talent, and her potential, a great voice makes me happy to work with, as you will undoubtedly will experience as well.
I am aware of responsibility as an experienced singer to give opportunity to talent to develope. This is such.
A talent that deserves recognition.

As you undoubtedly will come to acknowledge with me.

I recommend you to listen to miss Viktoria,
do enjoy and i think you will agree on her being an asset to your concours.

Which is what i and you want and stand for.
Quality and potential, with the
right presence and motivation.
I give you miss Viktoria Pankratova.