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The performance of the Russian soprana Viktoria Pankratova, accompanied by harpist Esther Kooi, was the highlight of the concert. Viktoria dressed in a colorful pashmina and Esther in a beautiful evening gown made ??an impressive entrance.


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6 januarie Russians celebrate Christmas,The Netherlands-based singer Viktoria Pankratova has a clear melodious voice a good dynamic use. She can whisper singing, but also completely fill the church with her singing.

Autumn concert of the quartet "Bella Cantara"

Autumn concert of the quartet "Bella Cantara". Viktoria Pankratova soprano, alto Old Joke, Walther Deubel tenor and bass Hans van Niekerk. Piano accompaniment Hans Weenink. Attended October 27 in 't Churchhouse Spanbroek...

"Romance .Viktoria Pankratova and Aleksander Myrashko"

"Duet Musical Comedy Theatre soloists Victoria Pankratova and Alexander Murashko concert will play on the Russian city romansov. Viktoriya Pankratova, winner of the Grand-Prix "Spring Romance 2002" and the international festival "Romansiada 2003", has a nice "dark velvet" soprano. This voice captivates from the first notes, with the first word and remembered for a lifetime...

Part of article "Fifth of Spring romance"

“Victoria Pankratova is a vivid performer of city romance, but all members of the Jury by common consent have given her the first place. This means that she was convincing and personally original.”

“Romance yesterday and today”, newspaper “Television and radio” St.-Petersburg

"The performance, which will be heard on Wednesday, April 7 is devoted to the singer Victoria Pankratova. Who was awarded the "Grand Prix Prize Competition Spring Romance" in 2002. It considers that such an important match and a kind of recognition for vocal and acting skills...


“Concert devoted to First of May, with participation of actors from St.-Petersburg”

Article informs about forthcoming concert in Imatra titled as “Unforgettable evening”. It is joint work of Finnish and Russian artists among which performs Victoria Pankratova; concert is broadcasted by TV, radio and the press...

"Saint-Peterburg a`Lauzanne "

Article informs about festival which was organized in Lozanna, and if to put it more precisely in Lausanne-Palace (Switzerland). "This festival was representing Russian culture in Switzerland, supported by two hotels – Austoria (St.-Petersburg) and Lozanna-Palas...

“Romance in Russia”

Article is devoted to competition “Romansiada” which onebefore it took place in Moscow also was organized in many regions and towns of Russia and abroad. Finale of competition was organized in Moscow, and article informs about winners of this completion: “First award was shared by Victoria Pankratova from Saint-Petersburg and Alexey Kudrya from Moscow”.

“Romance will be always young”

“Colleagues-journalists having heard about the final of “Romansiada” rushed to ask for an interview from laureate of the First Prize. But first words of winners are for familiar newspaper Trud. This is what naturally Victoria Pankratova told us:...

Part of article "Dog in the manger" Theatre of Music Comedy".

“It wasn’t really easy to find an actress for Diana’s part: she has to sing as it’s written, and its level of complicity is pretty high, she has tobe good-looking, she has to have nice figure. Sometimes actresses who even posses the necessary voice for such part don’t match judging from their appearance…

Part of article "What are you thinking, madam, during "Spring of romance"?"

Variety of new talents appeared in front of the audience… and finally – laureate of Grand Prix Victoria Pankratova, the one who achieved bunch of compliments from Chairman of the Jury, composer Grigory Partnov”