“Romance yesterday and today”, newspaper “Television and radio” St.-Petersburg

"We are a young artist, and we have (yet) a big name or sufficient means easy to incorporate new albums or in the planning for a room to come. The culture organizers can use to get to know us, eg through". Spring Romance "Russian music led by Galina Kovzel is therefore very important," says Victoria Pankratova.

How is this young actress's career started? Three years ago she was accepted into the company of the St. Petersburg Theatre of musical comedy, this company was its base. In the time that has elapsed since that time, showed a promising viktoria operetta actress. "Victoria is a flower that is not yet fully blossomed. She must still be exposed to the sun of the scene," - said the actor of the ballet coach Victor Victoria Astahov. She is a soprano, a beauty and with a richness of different colours and she is for her singing, not only in the theater, but also on stage with Russian folk songs and romances.

The love for music came for Victoria Pankratova from early childhood. 

Her grandmother was involved in the church choir and sang at home. Her mother started early with visits to theaters and concert halls with her daughter. She then studied at the viktoria Zatem School of Music in piano, and continued with the board and Choir College Department of Music and the Faculty of Humanities University of Culture Profsoyuzov. 

Victoria then studied at St. Petersburg Conservatory.

At the All-Russian contest "Romansiada" in December last year was held in Moscow, won the Victoria Pankratova first place. This is her big and important victory, but the young actress did not rest on its laurels. She also trained himself in teaching her stage skills, and with her stage partners, and has worked with the wonderful accompanist Michael Aptekman. "Victoria's incredibly beautiful voice, zhenstvenna. A rare timbre combined with a lively and expressive expresie. It's heavenly. This dynamic is in all this is very important for an actress" - said Michael Aptekman.

The singer enters with success in both large and small roles like in "A Ball at the Savoy", "I have no other country I know," "Abduction of Helen ',' Hello, Dolly!". They toured frequently. Theatre in Riga with a sharing of "Cinderella" - in this performance, I played the elf says the artist. Viktoria said she in her free time reading fiction: like Pushkin, Shakespeare, Tolstoy, Dostoyevsky, discovered by Lope de Vega, played Diana in his "Dog in the manger."

And asked about the favorite flowers of Victoria has extended her love whether elegant bouquets of lilies, daisies, or bundles of roses. It is especially the desire for beauty, sincerity and spirituality as reflected in her love for romance is .. So, what you see on the stage of the BKZ (Bolshoi Concert Zahle) - Victoria Pankratova. "

Materials found by Anatoly Nutrihin
'Romance Yesterday and Today "
Newspaper "TV. Radio" (St. Petersburg), of April 5 to 11, 2004, № 15