Autumn concert of the quartet "Bella Cantara"

Autumn concert of the quartet "Bella Cantara". Viktoria Pankratova soprano, alto Old Joke, Walther Deubel tenor and bass Hans van Niekerk. Piano accompaniment Hans Weenink. Attended October 27 in 't Churchhouse Spanbroek. 

In a packed 't Churchhouse Spanbroek many fans and other opera and music lovers had gathered, hungry for the song of "Bella Cantara", in a new composition. Tenor Walther Deubel now yet a year member of the group , but Ivera, some time out of circulation, is virtually irreplaceable. The soprano part was sung by the Russian Viktoria Pankratova. But to come directly to a final conclusion: a better choice of the quartet can not do. From whisper to generous volume, intonation and colaratuur beautiful and fully-coordinated in the quartet or singing with the other voices. 

Terzet from "Cosifan Tutte" by Mozart was fine, but "Tonight" from West Side Story was moving nicely sung by Viktoria and Walther. Joke starred solo in Samson et Dalila, Saint Saens. Hans duet with Viktoria "Bess you is my woman" by Gershwin with infinitely long final note of the soprano was for the umpteenth time the audience on the banks. 

Wim Meilof
resensent NHD Westfriesland, 28 of October, 2013